Korea’s Memory : of Seoul Landscape and Fashion

Being one of Asia’s largest and one of the most culturally rich city, Seoul is always noisy, bustling and full of surprises. It’s hard not to feel energetic immersing in such an environment where creativity comes first.

I chance upon a blog post about a fashion project VOGUE Magazine Korea did for August 2103 and was mesmerised by the whole artwork and presentation. It was about showcasing their home grown fashion labels, at the same time using fashion as a connector to the Seoul city landscape and ultimately, the Korea’s memory. I always love topics like this and feel in love with the entire project at the very first sight. The whole 24 pictures featured in August’s VOGUE Korea was all about the home grown labels like Moon Young Hee, Studio K, Jin Te Ok, Lie Sang Bong, Roliat, How and What, with the  rich Korean culture, time-honoured tradition and the breathing landscape in the background. Amazing work! ; )


namdaemun market
At the Nam Dae Moon Market
|Chiffon Print Dress + Checkered Coat : Jardin de Chouette|

seoul taxi

At the Seoul Taxi Service
| Dress: Paul & Alice | Strap Heels: Daylight Newyork. |

the great glasshouse

At the Chang Gyeong Gung Palace, The Great Glasshouse 
|All Dresses: Miss Gee Collection|Heels: Pushbutton|Scooter: Seg Way|

hangang bridge

At the Hangang Bridge
|Pants, Coat, Shirt: Moon Young Hee |Umbrella: Louis Vuitton|


At the Garosu-gil
|All apparels: Studio K |Silver heels: Saint Laurent |Men’s oxford: Jean-Michel Cazaba|

seoul subway

At the Seoul Subway
|Apparels : Park Choon Moo | Snapback : Newara|

gyeongbok palace

At the Gyeongbok Palace 
|apparels: Lie Sang Bong | Shoes: Suecomma Bonnie |

namsan tower

At the Namsan N Seoul Tower 
|Apparels, hats, Shoes all from Kaal E. Suktae|

gangnam station

At the Gangnam Station
|All from Roliat|

Cheonggyecheon Stream

At the Cheonggyecheon Stream
| Buckle Walker: Prada | all other apparels: Pushbutton|

Seoul Plaza

At the Seoul Plaza 
|Shoes, Skirt, Blouse: Jin Te Ok |

Gwang Hwa Moon

At the Gwang Hwa Mun 
|All from: How and What |

Hongdae Nolita

At the Hongdae Nolita 
|All from Kye|

Banpo Bridge

At the Banpo Bridge 
|Trench Coat: Cheol Dong  |Men’s baggy pants: Cheol Dong |

Bukcheon Hanok Village

At the Bukcheon Hanok Village 
|Leather dress, top and pants : Johnny Hates Jazz| Sun Visor : Mykita at Zio |

Tehran Boulevard Jain Song

At the Tehran Boulevard 테헤란로 
| Lace Dress : Jain Song|

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