Ong Shunmugam: Whenever I Fall at Your Feet

ong shunmugam

Whenever I Fall at Your Feet : Cropped top inspired by the Jamae Mosque .

I love History. So much as I love Fashion. And when both comes together,  I know it is going to be interesting. So when Ong Shunmugam, one of my favourite local fashion label announced their collaboration with National Heritage Centre to showcase their latest collection, I know that’s something I won’t want to miss. I purposely choose a weekday late morning to visit the museum and I love the quiet environment that I can let my mind wander as I browse through each piece from the exhibition.

ong shunmugam Whenever I Fall at Your Feet : Exhibition by Ong Shunmugam at the National Museum.

Later then I found out Priscilla Shunmugam had designed her entire F/W 2013 collection as a tribute to the historical site of Singapore including the former Supreme Court, Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, Cenotaph, Old Hill Street Police Station and etc. Boy! Thanks to my current profession I have been to almost every monuments or architecture each piece were designed after.

tiong bahru flat ong shunmugam

Total 15 pieces each telling a story behind. Some about tradition, some tells a story from a few decades, some about connecting the current and the past. All of which serve as a reminder to us of who we are and what we were. As the country develops, it is inevitable that we have to tear down the old buildings and make space for the new. In the process of destruction, we talk about progress and development, while history is always seem to be forgotten. The designer Priscilla Shunmugam told Her World Magazine, the preservation of these historic architecture involves constant clashes between “the old and the new; memory and money” .

tiong bahru and ong shunmugam

Introducing one of my favourite design of the collection inspired by Tiong Bahru Flat, the 1st public housing estate of Singapore. Using vintage Kimono fabric and contemporary batik print, Priscilla tells a story of a “protector”. “A person can leave a legacy which present and future generations can fall back on, built from and more importantly, protect.”

exhibition at stamford gallery

Local filmmaker Jacky Lee and Photographer Clarence Aw both joined in filming and photographing for the exhibition. With 5 videos played on loop and the “picture rolls” which visitors can manually scroll down to view the photographs, the exhibition is a fusion of visual, each design is a piece of art.

ong shunmugam exhibitionOn the left : Japanese Garden. On the right: Old Hill Street Police Station

One thing I love about Ong Shunmugam is the way they mix and match the pattern of the textiles. Everything seem clashing at one glance yet the clashing of the colours and pattern look extraordinarily wonderful when stitching them all together. The Japanese Garden and the Old Hill Street Police Station inspired piece are both perfect to wear to a conference or to chair a meeting.

ong shunmugam singapore

I love the layer of peplum over the prints. Look at the lovely prints, they are screaming loud as individual yet so harmoniously together. The fuchsia based print is so simple yet so strong that it made the focal point of the whole piece.

ong shunmugam singapore

This purple and fuchsia piece inspired by Ying Fo Fui Kun is another piece that caught my attention. I would love to own one for my workwear wardrobe. The fuchsia and black ensemble is another eye-candy of the day.

ong shunmugam

Debut at Audi Fashion Festival 2013, this latest collection of  Ong Shunmugam now open for pre-order. Email info@ongshunmugam to place your pre-order. Alternatively, you may wish to visit the exhibition for an up-close and personal tour before you decide to get one. Exhibition ends this Sunday, 28th July 2013.  Free admission.

ong shunmugam singapore

Contact Details:

Ong Shunmugam  (click to link to facebook page)
Location: Stamford Gallery at the National Museum of Singapore
Date: Now till 28th July 2013
Ticket:  Free admission

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