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flower decor at ps cafe

I have an irreparable, fatal weakness for quiet cafes, and I must say it is not an easy task to spot one in Singapore, especially when we are targeting a 7 million population. Although it is clear the cafe industry in Singapore is catching over the last few years. Nonetheless, I don’t think the people are prepared — Pardon me if my words are a little harsh. The years spent in South Korea and the experiences with their cafes (even some random cafes just outside the university) were obviously very different from what we get here in Singapore. While in a typical Korean Cafe you will only hear the jazz music with the whoosh of espresso machines at the background, the cafe serving food and coffee at a better quality here are forever bustling with people. Sometimes I can hear what the next 2 tables were discussing while indulging my coffee… the public concept of a “cafe” between the two countries are just very, very, diverse.

P S. Cafe at Ann Siang Hill is located at such out-of-the-way location that it became one of my favourite hang-out places for its utterly serene and cosy atmosphere.

ps cafe menu
I was there with K on a weekday night. The restaurant was not exactly full when we arrived. We were led to a table beside a gigantic vase of a plant with giant leaves that made us feel as if we were dining in a rainforest.

green plant in the cafe

P S. cafe came from a local fashion line Project Shop Brothers that, there was such saying that in the 90s was a must-own label for gay men. It has now ventured into F&B and doing well, with total 4 PS Cafes islandwide. It might be stereotype (If the hearsay of the story behind the label is true), but I always feel gay men are very detailed people. The posh ambience with attention paid to the tiniest details is the perfect example. The polished white tiles on the entire ceiling with floral motifs and the dark brown carved frames for the air-conditioning units, simply amazing.

ps cafe flower2

Our drinks arrived soon after the orders were taken. I start off with my Rosé Sangria with wild berries, an attractive drink indeed.

rose and berries sangria

Rosé Champagne infused with frozen berries and rose buds, which added a summer note to the drink. A very lady-like drink to cool off the summer heat. K’s Red Sangria was created with Shiraz as the base, with grapefruit and strawberries chunks. We both prefer the refreshing Rosé over the spicy Red.


Just before the dishes were served, K surprised me with a little gift. I was completely touched and shocked by what this prince charming did. I shall keep the significance and meaning behind the bracelet and the charm private. Surprise gift on an ordinary day, what more could a girl ask for? : D

chicken in basket

Chicken in a Basket. Lightly breaded chicken tenders served with shoestring fries. I like this dish and will suggest ordering this whenever my friends ask for recommendations. As long as the temperature was there, and the materials are fresh, fried items can rarely go wrong. The chicken slices are coated beautifully with bread crumbs and fry into the perfect shade of golden. I like their complimentary dips, the mayonnaise in particular. Creamy and tangy with a little touch of peri-peri herb, it goes super well with the chicken and fries.

beef burgundy pie
Beef Burgundy Pie. The pie crust was a too flaky and thin for my liking. However, the slow braised tender beef and mushroom was great. The long, slow and moist heat of braising soften the tough cuts of the meat, leaving it tender and succulent. Try mix the gravy with the butter mashed potato, they compliment each other perfectly.

sticky date pudding

P S. Cafe is well known for their dessert. Their sticky date pudding never fails to cheer me up. I like how they dunk the pudding into the rich butterscotch sauce. You know it when you slide the scoop contains the pudding and the sauce with the ice cream into your mouth — the warmth of the butterscotch and the cool and rich vanilla bean ice-cream. Who cares about the kcal and the figures, you just want more.

pineapple meringue at ps cafe

Pineapple Meringue Pie. Very interesting tower-like appearance I must say. The bottom pie crust is flakey, which is perfect with the mile-high, fluffy marshmallow-alike meringue. I appreciate lemon meringue. This pineapple version, however, fails to impress me as the meringue did not balance up with the sharp sourness from the curd.

pineapple meringue

I’ve tried their apple pudding and other chocolate desserts during past visits. I must say P S. Cafe have their dessert done quite consistently, and they haven’t failed me so far. Look at their cakes selection,  you need to come get some here at P S. Cafe Ann Siang Hill. You won’t regret that. ; )

ps cafe @ ann siang hill

My Verdict: P S. Cafe is a place that I will go for great ambience. Their mains are okay but consider the price, which, to be honest, is a rip-off. It is the kind of place you would go for a date night with love ones, for its quiet ambience, or with your favourite girls. Personally, I like the quaint and unhurried atmosphere that is rare in the local cafe industry.

ps cafe singapore interior

The level 3 bar & dining area at P S. Cafe Ann Siang Hill.

pheuron tay

OOTD: Summer Wrap Dress from Korea. 


Contact Details: 
P S. Cafe Ann Siang Hill
45 Ann Siang Rd .069719
Reservations: 9797 0648
*Please note that PS.Cafe at A.S.H Park admits Adults & Teenagers only.*
**They are unable to take reservations for Brunch too.**

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