Queen Sheba: Cosy African Coffee House.


Chance upon this cosy little cafe at Gyeongbok Palace area. These red chairs against the black brick wall and the wet winter path somehow reminds me of London. It was a chilly afternoon after our visit at Daelim Museum for Ryan McGinley’s Photography Exhibition (click me if you want to know more) . K and I were looking for a place for tea and if not the red chairs, we wouldn’t have the chance to discover this hidden gem for serious coffee lovers.

interior of cafe in seoul

Queen Sheba has really limited seats. 4 four-seaters and the bar, that is it. As I prefer home-run cafes than chain cafes, I was so excited to find out more about the cafe. Being an African coffee specialist, they provide only coffee which is selected from the African continent.

For hot coffee, they have Moshi AA from Tanzania, Yirgacheffe and Koke Honey from Ethiopia and of course the never to be missed Kenya AA. A quick glance at their menu tells you how devoted they are to coffee. They really specialize in coffee and only coffee. No fancy brunch set or cakes. We are here to appreciate coffee just the way coffee should be, in its original form without sugar or milk. Being a coffee fan myself, this place is a truly coffee heaven. : )

Orders are done at the counter. The friendly owner and the barista Henry kindly asked about my preference for my own cuppa of coffee. This is why I love home-run cafe. Personalise service! : )  Again, I settled down with my all time favourite — Kenya AA. Bold, strong aroma with medium-heavy body, chocolatey-berry finish, real goodness!

handmade scone

Cookies, scones and biscotti are available too! They are homemade good stuffs that Henry took pride to introduce to me. It was Christmas Season and they even have different flavours of macarons too! Trying to cut down sugar intake despite my terrible sweet tooth, I ordered the scone. Slightly chewy, with raisins inside, this scone made a good combi with my cuppa.

K is not a coffee person. Henry suggested Ginger lemon tea. The feeling of sipping this a cup of hot ginger lemon tea in the cold weather is simply beyond words. Writing this review now when the weather out there falls to minus 10 degrees celsius made me want to go back for more strong and tasty gingy lemon tea.
small and cosy cafe in seoul

If you are keen to learn more about hand drip coffee, you can also join their coffee class this year! Class starts every saturday from this week, each class last about two hours. Whole course duration is 5 weeks, and each class cost KRW20,000. Limited for 6 persons only. For those who are interested in cafe business, you can also contact them for their individual cafe business course. queen sheeba menu

One last shot of their menu. I am going back to try out their “Edward No.5”. Sounds pretty interesting, No? Anyone wants to join me for this coffee excursion?

=UPDATE on 9th Feb 2014=
Queen Sheeba came out with 3 new menus to accompany their robust and strong coffee:
The affogato (icecream + dutch coffee)
The Panini set at KRW9,500 (Panini + americano)
The Organic Dutch Coffee Ricecake. Sounds real yums!
African Coffee house How to get there? (Click on the map below to enlarge) 

From Gyeongbok Palace. 
1. Coming out from exit no. 4 of Gyeongbok Palace station, keep straight.
2. Turn left at the 1st junction.
3. Walk 3 blocks down until you see their signboard “African Coffee house” and the eye-catchy red chairs!

From Daelim Museum. 
If you plan to visit the cafe after your visit at Daelim Museum just like me, it is even more easier!
1. Coming out from the museum, go straight and turn left at the junction.
2. Continue to walk down a block (about one and a half minute) and you will see their signboard and those red chairs.

how to go to queen sheba

 Contact Details: 
퀸시바 Queen Sheba African Coffee House (Click to their Facebook Page) 
1-1 Tongui-Dong, Jungro-Gu, Seoul, South Korea.
Tel: 010-2953-1003 (Bryan)
Korean version of the address: 서울시 종로구 통의동 1-1. 1층. 퀸시바.

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