Unboxing a Cambridge Satchel: Classic 14″ Vintage

cambridge satchel to Korea

Hi guys! It’s been awhile I update my blog. Uh-hah…. Mid-term is over, but presentations are lining up for the next few weeks. Before I get haywire again, here’s a recent update about my new purchase — The Classic Cambridge Satchel Bag!

I have been eyeing this gorgeous babe for the longest time. Spotted it about 1.5 years back and have been thinking to purchase one since then. The shipping fee that cost almost the same price as the bag was the greatest pulling factor. However, recent months or so Cambridge Satchel started their FREE worldwide FEDEX shipping, that came to my reconsideration of purchasing it.

I got mine from their online store at 130 Euro, a 14 inches classic satchel in vintage brown.


It took some time to finally reach my place in Korea — In fact it was an exact 28 days for it to reach me. Well at first it was about my postal code. When I move into my current studio, I got my address from the housing agent with a 6 digit number at the end of the address. Assumptions are dangerous– my assumption of that 6 digits as postal code, almost turned the shopping experience a disastrous one.

After about 2 weeks of my purchase, I received Cambridge Satchel’s email about shipping failure due to invalid postal code. That was strange because my mom had sent me a parcel earlier with that “postal code” and there wasn’t any problem of that sort when that parcel arrived. After double checking with the housing agent again I then realized the codes I have aren’t postal code, but a former listing of address in Korea. For those who are staying in Korea and wish to purchase stuffs from overseas, you may wish to double check your zip code here before purchasing: Zip Code Finder Korea (Click) 


And then it was the customs tax. I received another email from the customs clearance, stating that I have to pay certain taxes before they could release the bag to me. I was told that all personal packages that valued over KRW 150,000 (USD 142+- at the time I blog) are subjected to duties and taxes in Korea, and for leather bags, the duty rate is 8%, with a 10% VAT, sum up to a total 18% of taxes.

However, as Korea and EU had signed FTA earlier,  tax will lower by 2%. All you need to do, is to request to communicate to an English-speaking officer, fill up the FTA duty rate waiver application form, pay the rest of the amount to FEDEX custom clearance, and you will get your bag real soon.

Now here we go with unboxing the Cambridge Satchel:

unboxing a cambridge satchel

The box was secured with tape, inside the box was a a layer of the air bubble sack. Very sturdy packaging!


The company was nice enough to promise me a 5 Euro off the bill if I make my second purchase. Nice gesture, but I am satisfied with one Cambridge Satchel at the moment; )

cambridge satchel buyer discount The dust bag.

cambridge satchel under white light

The vintage colour, the rustic- untouched edge, the leather touch …. I like the details of the bag to bits.
cambridge satchel vintage 14"

My Cambridge Satchel Classic 14″ Vintage from the front. I got it embossed with my initial as well. I was choosing between gold embossing or transparent embossing and selected transparent embossing as I feel it is more suitable for an everyday bag.

close up cambridge satchel vintage

Initially, I was quite worried about the size of a 14″ and if it would look too big for an Asian frame. Thankfully the 14″ doesn’t look too big for me!

I have been using it almost every day since day one. A very useful daily bag and surprisingly, it could actually fit in all my daily necessities. ( a textbook or some notes, card pouch, purse, make-up pouch, stationery pouch, house keys). I am very much satisfied with the bag.

cambridge satchel 14" size

The picture was taken during my visit to No-ryang-Jin Fisheries Market. More pictures of me and the bag  on upcoming post about the fisheries market too! Till then, annyeong! (ciao)   ; )


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