Beegers: 6 Craft Beers at One Go in Hongdae

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Picture Credit to Beegers Korea Facebook

Craft beer has been a trend in Korea in recent years. Now we have a new bar located nearby the club area of Hongdae, which provides some good malty-licious craft beers for any craft beer fanatics. Team Beegers truly believes that Beer and Burgers are a heavenly-perfect match. (This probably explains how the name Beegers came about — Beer+ Burgers=Beegers )

Update 2020:

Beegers is permanently closed. 

At Beegers they serve a variety of craft beers and various kinds of burgers. Of course nachos, cocktail and hard liquor, even milkshakes are available too! I went there twice in 3 weeks and I really must say this place is so cool that it will be on the must-go-list here in Hongdae in no time.

beegers entrance

Restaurant facade just looks like any ordinary cargo container, a very masculine, construction site interior concept. The entrance door –Yes they are open — Don’t hesitate, you will find a cosy dining area, with the main long table behind this door.

entrance of beegers

interior of korea beegers PC217014e1The dim lights, the bulbs that are covered with silver coloured beer pails, the metal dining chairs and even the wired windows all making the atmosphere so industrial yet cosy. I especially adore the idea of having a cool-looking socket at every desk so that I can charge my phone whenever I need it. Such a thoughtful interior design!

beegers interior Level 3 serves as an entertainment room where guests could play card games upon visit. A nice place to hang out, perhaps a fun night with friends or colleagues.

3rd Floor. Picture Credit to Beegers Korea Facebook.

3rd Floor. Photo courtesy of Beegers Korea Facebook.

Back to their beer here. Beegers have total 6 kinds of  beers ranging from pilsner, hefeweizen, IPA to ale. We didn’t know which to choose so we decided start the night off with a sampler.

6 craftbeer sampler beegers This Beeger’s Sampler set comes with 6 mini glasses of their signature craft beer. From the left: Sa Rang Yi Pilsner, Bolt Hefeweizen, Mee-Woo Golden Ale, Shu-Shu Dark Ale, Poo-Woo Pale Ale to Toto-Kiki India Pale Ale (IPA).

beer menu

We started from the left: Sa Rang Yi Pilsner. As described, this is a very easy-drinking beer. Refreshing and light, the texture of Sa Rang Yi is simply heaven.The spicy finish made the drink even more wonderful. If you are not sure which to order and don’t want a sampler, Sa Rang Yi would be the one. You won’t go wrong with this easy drink.

Bolt Hefeweisen: Originated from Germany, this type of beer is usually highly carbonated, low hop and are brewed using at least 50% of malted wheat, which is why Hefeweisen always have a wonderful banana-like taste. Bolt here in Beegers is no exception too! I believe this particular brew is popular among girls as it has a sweet banana note. I myself love this particular brew too. However when it turns to room temperature, it doesn’t taste as nice. To enjoy it at its best, I would suggest to finish this drink while it is still chilled, u know, icy chilled.

beegers beer description

Mee-Woo Golden Ale: We were told that it is a medium bodied brew with slight caramel undertones. However, it did not really taste anything caramel. Perhaps a little? I must say I was quite blown away by Sa Rang Yi and Bolt, which is why Mee-Woo did not leave me much impression. : (

Shu-Shu Dark Ale: If you love dark beers, this is definitely your drink! I used to have old speckled hens back in the Irish pubs in Singapore and seriously Shu-Shu didn’t lose out. The smooth texture and fine bubbles made it the statement brew of the night. There is plenty of upfront flavours, smoked-nuts alongside chocolate notes. A nice one!

6 craft beer sampler

Same for Poo-Woo Pale Ale and Toto-Kiki India Pale Ale (IPA), they didn’t leave me much impression, but they certainly are not bad. However I must say Sarangyi, Bolt and Shu-Shu are really good!
beegers beer sampler glass Each craft beer came in a mini palm-sized glass, excellent if you are to drink one whole sampler set alone. What we did was to order one and share, from there we choose the one we like and order a pint. I have to say here that we all have different taste buds and would prefer any beers that fit our own likings. I must say Shu-Shu, Sarangyi and Bolt are the 3 that I prefer. Some of my friends like Poo-Woo and Toto-Kiki as well. Their staffs are very knowledgeable and are able to offer recommendations according to your preferences (fruitiness, hop) etc, so do check with them before you order. Or you may order the sampler and figure it out yourself. 

6 craft beers at beegers

All 6 are good and I actually had a hard time figuring out which is the best. Well, I have a special liking for dark beer so Shu-shu got the highest, followed by Sarangyi and Bolt. However, I think the rest are not bad too!

We had the beer and now the burger. Beegers is named after the restaurant’s concept of Beer+Burger. Expectedly, their burger is also undoubtfully finger lickin’ good. They serve different kinds of burgers and what we had that night was a big, fat juicy beef patty stacked with cheese, onion, bacon and veggies. We were pleasantly pleased with the burger.

bacon and cheese burger beegers

Their food comes in a custom-made tray designed by the owner. Very cool-looking metallic tray that fits into the cargo container concept of the restaurant!

burger at Beegers

As we were pretty much looking forward to paying a visit to the place again, we went back in 2 weeks’ time. They were having a full house and we were seated somewhere near the counter to wait for the next table available. Their pet dog Bolt kept us entertained. ( That was how I get to know the banana beer –Bolt Hefeweizen was named upon this well loved puppy!)  Bolt is a super active and friendly puppy that loves interacting with people. Try taking his yellow rubber chicken toy and he will come schmoozing! Such a lovely baby ^^

Bolt. Picture Credit to Beegers Korea Facebook.

Bolt. Photo courtesy of Beegers Korea Facebook.

Having tasted their sampler on our first visit, we ordered the Sa Rang Yi Pilsner, The Bolt Hefeweizen and Shu-Shu Dark Ale this time round without hesitation. As this was the 2nd round after dinner, we decided to order only their Chilli Cheese Fries to nibble on.

nice self design beer mug

Shu-shu, Sa Rang-Yi and Bolt — the top 3 of my Beeger’s beer list. They came in a different style of the glasses which was designed and chosen by the owner. The owner seems to love making everything from scratch. From the burger set tray to the logo of each beer, the glasses and even the beer coasters.


If you like their beer glass, you may now purchase it too. (psst. each beer flavour comes with different glass, which was designed by the owner of the restaurant!) Below is a picture taken from their facebook page, featuring 6 different styles of beer glassware with the respective beers.

Picture Credit to Beegers Korea Facebook

Photo courtesy of Beegers Korea Facebook.

Picture Credit to Beegers Korea Facebook

Photo courtesy of Beegers Korea Facebook

Each glass are selling at KRW 8,000. Do enquire about it at the restaurant if you want to get one for personal collection. Personally I think the shorter ones ( Mee-Woo, Shu-shu and Poo-Woo) are super cute!

chilli cheese fries

This huge portion of Chili Cheese Fries came awhile later. Look at the generous portion of the cheese, making the fries look deliciously sinful isn’t it. It certainly matches well with the beer. Those fries very much resemble the A&W fries from my childhood memories which I miss dearly. The taste, the texture, all reminds me the memories of sharing the fries and rootbeer with my mom after a whole day of shopping at the mall when I was at 4 or 5 years old.

chilli Cheese Fries

Chili Cheese Fries

To be frank, we actually came back for this Chili Cheese Fries. We saw people ordering this on the first visit and it looked appetizing. As we had our meal earlier during the first visit, we didn’t think we could finish it if we were to order one.  This fries certainly didn’t let us down. It taste even better with the beer.

Picture credit to Beegers Korea Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Beegers Korea Facebook.

Loving the beer and can’t bear to leave the restaurant? They provide beer take-out service! These yummilicious signature beers comes in 1000cc/bottle. The team is preparing for a 16oz version and we hope to see it real soon! I heard it is cheaper to go yeah so go down and get yours soon ; )

My Verdict: Need I say more? This place is totally worth a visit! revisiting!!! The nice ambience, the good beer, the right vibe, friendly and helpful staffs, menu in English…etc. sum up to such a lovely pub I would love introduce to my friends.

I love the place not only because they provide nice brews, more importantly it is not overly crowded at the moment (you can still hear what your friend is talking and you don’t find yourself screaming to your friend for communication). A perfect place for some casual gatherings with colleagues and friends! Show them some LOVE if you are around the area and craving for some beers.

How to get there: (Click map below to enlarge) 

map to beegers korea

1. Coming out from Hap-jeong Station Exit 3, Keep straight.
2. Until you reach the junction name “Jandari-Ro” 잔다리로 and a hotel named “Bo-Bo”, turn right.Keep walking down 5 blocks, until you reach another main junction.
3. Now turn right. You are now very near to the Hongdae Clubbing area.
4. Walking down a bit and you will see a 7-11 convenient store. Turn into your right. Look closer, you have now reach a fork. Take the left one. If you go straight/ right, that is the usual clubbing area for the hipsters.
5. Continue to walk down. The correct route should look similar to this:

on the way to beegers 6. Walk further down and check your Right Hand side for this signboard:
beegers korea 7. go up the stairs and you can now enjoy the marvellous craft beers!

Contact details:
비거스 BEEGERS. (Click to link to their Facebook) 
Mapo-Gu, Seogyo-Dong, 410-5. Seoul, South Korea. 121-840.
Tel: 02-324-9965
Business Hours:
Mon – Thurs:  5PM – 2AM*
Fri: 5PM – 3AM *
Sat: 12PM – 3AM*
Sun: 12PM – 2AM*

* Even it is listed that the biz close at 2am,  they will open until the last customer left. How COOL is it!

Latest Promotion: 
They are having “Late Happy Hour” promotion from every Sunday to Thursday from 12am to the time they close for business. 4,800 won per glass for ALL craft beers. Sounds like a good deal huh! Don’t miss it.

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