Last Christmas.


what i wore for christmas eve

It was my first time celebrating Christmas in a “four-season country”. Spending Christmas no longer relates to heat and sweat, which is a blessing to me. Christmas I spent at home for the past 20+ years in my life were wonderful. However I always imagined being able to “dress like Christmas” — that means no sandals but boots, no cotton short sleeves but leggings, sweaters and wool coat. Silly and superficial I may be, but I always prefer a white Christmas, thinking Christmas with snow would be “more Christmasy”.

Please pardon me, at least for this post. Being an Asian who grow up in a tropical climate, winter is something strangely new. I can still remember the thrill the first time I witness snowflake dropping from the sky onto the bench in the campus. It is embarrassing but I tried so hard not to stick out my tongue to taste the falling snow. LOL

So this was what I wore on last Christmas Eve. Wine red angora fur sweater, high neck lace blouse, wool grey skort, leggings, topped with a black coat, and of course, my dearest Jinny Kim black leather boots.

Few days before Christmas Eve it was snowing almost every day. I was hoping at least snowing for a short while, if not it would snow whole day on the Christmas eve or Christmas day.

Okay, it didn’t snow.

It turned out quite warm on Christmas Eve. (Here in Seoul, when we say “warm” in the winter we mean 2-degree Celsius with some nice sunshine, winter here is about -10 to -20 degrees celsius). My Schedule was quite empty. I went back to the campus and picked up the books recommended by the professors, then we went straight to Hyundai Mart for grocery.

brocolli soup

Broccoli Soup

Eating out on a festive eve without making prior reservation could turn out a disaster. That is why we decided to turn my cosy little studio to a party venue. Here’s the Christmas Eve home party 3-course- menu:

Broccoli Soup
Garden Green Salad with Smoked Salmon
Carbonara Linguini

salad bowl

Garden Green Salad: Greens, Smoked Salmon, Lemon Sauteed Tiger Prawns, fresh mozzarella cheese ball topped with balsamic vinegar.

homemade spaghetti

Carbonara Linguini: Bacon, Asparagus, Button Mushrooms.

Dinner was good. I love the Linguini. Seriously it looked more like a Garlic Aglio Olio than a Carbonara here in the picture isn’t it. That was the whole point. I didn’t feel guilty after the meal as it was tastefully light in flavour. Kudos to our chef of the night <3

christmas cake

Dessert was a Christmas cake from a random bakery at COEX Hyundai Department Store, with some good wine of course. And yes we celebrated Christmas eve away over laughter, wine, Christmas carols and silly jokes  ; ) Alright, done with this simple post about Christmas and I will be back with more info about good food and good places around Korea. Till then ; )


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