The Bravery: A Calming Cuppa of Lavender Latte

lavender latte

While significant snow landed the Korean Peninsula just yesterday, I was completely blessed being able to enjoy my winter break in the tropical climate back in Singapore. The sunshine, the summer heat and, of course, the humid air, they are all back to my daily life again like a long lost friend.

And it was after the afternoon rain on a scorching hot day. We decided to head down the road to the now very hipster Jalan Besar for the legendary Lavender Latte at The Bravery Cafe at about 4 in the afternoon. Located at about 5 to 10 minutes walk from Lavender MRT and surrounded by rows of hardware stores, The Bravery has an aura of fun-loving temperament — their hidden entrance is one good example.

al fresco area

The Bravery serves 9 kinds of all day breakfast, a decent range for a cafe in a nice cosy size. Staffs were friendly, but we took quite some time to decide on our order, probably because none of the dishes screamed “Eat Me!”. Perhaps I am more conservative when it comes to brunch and the offers at The Bravery are more “experimental” in my book. I didn’t know which dish I should settle down with. Being a satisfied visitor at their sister cafe The Plain at Craig Road, we simply act on instinct.

the bravery menu

cafe open concept kitchen


The Lavender Latte. I am not frequently a fan of lattes, but more of an occasion admirer of flavoured lattes like the South Korean’s all time favourite Green Tea Latte and the “Goguma” (Sweet Potato) Latte. This Lavender Latte (SGD5.5) caught my eyes when I first read about it online. I love lavender. Long revered in literature as a herb of love, lavender has a beautiful aroma that oozes romance. A trip purposely made down for this particular drink raised my expectations even higher.

The first sip made a good lasting impression. The latte is infused with the strong scent of lavender — a combination of espresso, milk and lavender. Instead of being competing flavours, the lavender perfumed the espresso, the milk cut the strength of the showy aroma of lavender. Bits of dried lavender flowers add to the floral notes. Quite an interesting experience I would say though the espresso could be a little stronger. Although I prefer my coffee black and strong, I truly enjoy this elegant and divine cuppa made of the herb of love.

lavender infused latte

raunchy eggs

The Raunchy Eggs (SGD14). Supposedly one of their recommended dishes on the menu, however, did not impress me. It is a combination of two fried eggs, cabbages, anchovies, spicy beans, parmesan on top of a piece of tortilla. Everything was great but I did not expect the seasoning of the spicy beans to taste like curry. It is interesting, nonetheless. But I wouldn’t say it is a good blend. The spices was a tad too overpowering and did not work well with the rest of the ingredients. (Sorry!)

chocolate roche cupcake

Chocolate Ferrero Cupcake. The taste is robust indeed with a rich and creamy texture for the cream frosting. The base is moist, and fluffy with a good crumb. Not too sure if it is their house made creation but well, it was ok.

colourful door of the bravery

the bravery cafe singapore

cafe interior

textured wall in a cafe

the bravery singapore

My Verdict: Lavender Latte is a must try if you love the lavender scent. A typical love-it-or-hate-it-drink as it has a strong lavender aroma. Food-wise, this first and only attempt did not impress us. However their drinks and good service makes revisiting a Yay!

(Side note: Winter break is ending, and I will be back to the winter land real soon. I will miss the days with cotton tees, shorts and sandals before the summer heat attack Seoul in July. Wire hair band look inspired by the lead character Cheon Song-yi from the recent hit Korean drama “My Lover From The Stars” 별에서 온 그대.) 

ootd pheuron

Slouchy Weekend OOTD

Contact Details:
The Bravery (Click to link to their webpage) 
66, Horne Road.Singapore 209073.
8am-8pm. Closed for Tuesday.
To enter the cafe, go for GOLD. 

Singapore Cafe on Foot : (click on the map to enlarge) how to go to the bravery 1. Alight from Lavender Station (EW11),  exit through Exit B.
2. You will be at the compound of V Hotel Lavender, where you will see shop lots selling fast food (Wendy’s) and all kinds of snacks.
3. Pass through V hotel and turn into Horne Road. Go straight for about 5-7 minutes until you see Jalan Besar Stadium.
4. The Bravery Cafe is just right opposite the Stadium. They have no signboard so just take note of the red and gold coloured “blocks” or the UPVC doors at the shophouse area to locate them.

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