Namsan N’ Seoul Tower: Where You Lock Your Love Forever

namsan love locks

I always wonder who was the one that came out with the idea of love lock. A piece of metal that represents a leap of faith, a key thrown to a place where nobody could ever find, accumulated to a fence that preserve the weight of love from the lovers everywhere…. The myth of love locks that praise eternity and tenacious devotion always invested the place where people lock their love locks with romance.


I am actually pretty skeptical about locking a piece of metal could really work in locking two hearts together forever ( I didn’t wanted to spoil the mood but Hey, It simply doesn’t work if two does not have the will to work the relationship out!) Not to mention if the padlock will really be there after sometime — look at the amount of people locking their padlocks. I guess the authority will have to remove them occasionally to shed some weight for the infrastructure.

However, this place is undeniably a nice place for outings and photo shooting. I have been there in the Spring and Autumn. I have seen the wooden path filled with pale pink petals, the whole forest at the background of Namsan Tower in fiery orange, and this is the first time I visited Namsan Tower in Winter.

namsan seoul

We were there around 430pm. Just nice to watch the winter evening closing down in tranquillity. You can also write to somebody (or even yourself) a postcard here and send it right at the tower.

namsan tower post office

Although I am sceptical about the idea of love locks, spending one of the evenings here in Namsan Tower in the end of a year immersed in the Christmas atmosphere could be one of the best things you want to do here in Seoul during winter. It was quite warm back then before Christmas and I really appreciate the good weather then. Looking at the pictures makes me yearn for spring. Till the next post! : )

namsan seoul tower

Climbing up to the park from the bus station.

pheuron tay

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Outfit of the day. Namsan N’ Seoul Tower.

pheuron tay

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