Pale Pink Roses

pale pink roses

On my 26th Birthday, I received this lovely bouquet of pale pink roses. A very sweet surprise I must say, especially when one is amidst preparation for all the final term papers and presentations. Been spending time reflecting on myself lately. The sleepless nights probably gave me a good chance to stop, think and perhaps rejuvenate. I turn a year older today, 14th November 2013.

My lifestyle is completely different from how it was exactly a year ago today. I am having different responsibilities, living in a different city, speaking a foreign language becomes something inevitable in my daily life.

pale pink rose

Leaving everything behind and starting over again at another side of the world is a process of learning. Learning to let go — a skill I have been learning for long and yet to acquire. Taking to heart those judging eyes, worrying about something one can’t change, or something that hasn’t happened yet…  sometimes we are unconsciously having those unnecessary worries.

birthday roses

Well birthdays do bring about reflections but I don’t feel like being overly personal on my birthday post today… keeping this somewhat short I hope I can learn to be more unapologetic, and learn to take control of what I have power over, instead of craving control of what I don’t.

pale pink rose 02

Speaking of these sweet pale pink roses… they are adorable aren’t they? They are now a beautiful sight on my windowsill. I love stepping into my cosy little house with the rose scent brimming sweet in the air. <3

pale pink roses

Happy 26th Birthday to Me : )

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