Restart. All over again.


LV store at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Today marked a significant day in my life, that I have finally decided to start it all over again.

To conclude, the past 3 years of my life is fulfilling (sometimes excessively fulfilling) and of course, filled up with changes. People drifted in and out, things happened and passed. As much as we may wish it weren’t so, people just come and go. This seem pretty factual under the law of human relationship. Someone that we have loved with all of our hearts can vanish from our lives next. It doesn’t really need to be death. Simply a reason remained untold can take a best friend, or a lover out of our hands, never to be seen again.

There are times I sit in the sun thinking of all the people who have wandered away from my life, and the people I wandered away from, and wondered if there might be a chance to reconnect. But most of the time, I believe the resumption of the relationship wouldn’t be the same as what we had expected it to be. Sometimes I’d rather there weren’t a reconnection.

Let’s focus on my new blog here… with the encouragement from K. I decided to give a try. I’ve attempted to keep a few blogs ever since I was introduced to the internet. But none of them survived. (meh) With a brand new life chapter awaits in August 2013, I believe I can be more committed. I have an ardent and refined interest in food and fashion. This blog shall serve the purpose to pen down my journey of food and fashion hunt in the future.

May the restart begin. I wish myself greater experiences with blogging in the years to come. : )



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