Simple yet Stylish: Bath Rugs

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Hi Folks, today I am going to introduce one of my recent buy from a home decor shop in South Korea. Out of so many different home decor shopping malls here in South Korea, I always find myself going back to this place. Perhaps of their aesthetics and the stock that they bring in. They are simple, modern and basic, very suitable for a studio apartment interior in South Korea. They have their own designer to come out with their very own fabric patterns, then produce their very own design. Perhaps that’s the reason why their price is quite attractive.

Please note that this is an article written back in 2013 and I do not carry the product anymore.

basic bath rugs

I really needed a bath rug when I first moved into my little studio here near the campus as the tiles are made of wood and the owner seem pretty particular with the condition of the unit. I bought this cute bath rugs and was really impressed by the quality of the product — I couldn’t find anything that the pricing, design and quality are on par with it in Singapore last time!

Now then I understand why IKEA has no way to break into the Korean Market. They have so many outstanding home-grown brand here in their own country. Compared to Singapore or Malaysia, we lack the environment, or even the sources for the industry.

blue gray rug

The rug comes in 4 colours: Beige, Brown, Blue-Gray and Pink, similar to the Fork, Spoon, Knife Kitchen Rug I introduced in another post, this item is as fluffy, cute and practical as the kitchen rug too. Here are the close ups for each colours:

#1 Brown

brown rug

#2 Pink

pink bath rug

#3 and #4 Beige and Blue-Grey

modern country bath rugs
This particular line is made of poly microfiber and therefore the strong absorbent function. Soft and gentle when contact with your skin too!

contemporary country bath rugs


Very good anti-slips material at the back of the rug. For those who have elderly and kids at home, this is one very practical product you can get, while still keeping your home stylish and tidy.

real pic of bath rug

Actual Pics taken at my studio.

actual pic

I really like my Bath rugs. Unfortunately, they only ship domestically. But if you really feel like getting one, I don’t mind helping with that. Perhaps we can have a shopping spree and save up the shipping cost. ; )  Check the details below for more info!

Please note that this is an article written back in 2013 and I do not carry the product anymore.

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