Simple yet Stylish: Kitchen Rugs

contemporary country kitchenware

After updating a recent photo of my room on my Instagram, I am getting enquiries of where do I get those pretty home deco/ homeware. Being a self-proclaimed home decor enthusiast, searching nice yet practical homewares has been part of my daily life.

Recent relocating to South Korea gave me a long-awaited, valid reason to step into the world of South Korea’s homeware products. I find them stylish, durable, yet at the same time affordable. This simple kitchen rug caught my attention when I was doing my furniture shopping — I couldn’t resist the cute spoon, fork and knife embroidery, and it is SO FLUFFY!!!

Please note that this is an article written back in 2013 and I do not carry the product anymore.

basic kitchen rug

It comes in 3 pastel colours: Beige, Blue-gray and Brown. Earth tone colours are top of my list when it comes to home decor. Easy to match and they can seldom go wrong.

contemporary country kitchen

Nicely trimmed with round cut at the two sides, this “Gwiyomi” (Cutie) will be a conversation starter at your new home! Sizing wise, it is a 40 x 110 cm slim fit cutting that can fit into any kitchen.

modern country ideas

I am not a clumsy person in my own kitchen. But I sometimes do wet my kitchen tiles. This ultra-absorbent kitchen rug is extremely good when you want to really protect your kitchen tiles, especially wooden ones. It is also handy during winter as I can keep my feet warm while brewing my daily espresso in the chilly morning.

3 colours in details:

#1 Beige

beige kitchen rug beige kitchen rug


#2 Blue-Gray
grey kitchen rug


#3 Brown

brown kitchen rug Brown kitchen rug

As I mentioned in my blog post, I am very satisfied with their bath rug from the same line. It is Anti-slips, ultra-absorbent, affordable and very stylish. Thinking of getting one for my mom too!  🙂 Personally I also think this is a very thoughtful and presentable housewarming gift.

contemporary country style

As this Kitchen Rug is only available in Korea, for those who are really interested in getting one, I can do a Shopping Spree for you : ) Check the details below for more info! Disclaimer:  Please note that this is an article written back in 2013 and I do not carry the product anymore.

decoview kitchen rug

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